Monday, October 17, 2011

The Daily Grind

So yesterday The Sports Illuminati was reminded why they call it gambling. After going 0-3 in our free plays yesterday, we renamed the NFL the "No Fair League". Jeesh, we weren't even in the realm in any of those 3 free plays! We have been spoiled this month with a slew of winning days so having 2  losing days in a row is tough to swallow. We must remind ourselves that we have had 13 winning days and only 3 losing days this month! Not to shabby! We like to thank all the people that sent us advice on what they would like to see from us as cappers and bloggers. In the future, you will see more detailed explanations of our plays. We will also throw leans in on games for football. Those will NOT count in our free play bankroll total however. Someone brought up adding units to our free plays. If you subscribe to our premium service, you get unit breakdown. On our free play, we keep it straight up at $100 a play with added juice. We will also be adding more promotions as well and also getting testimonials from our readers as to how they did and who they like. The Sports Illuminati believe in a meeting of the minds. Principles before personalities. Hopefully we will continue to provide the winning plays you expect from a service!

You can sign up for our weekly plays for $29.99 or our monthly plays for $99.99. Our $$ back guarantee is in full effect for BOTH of those packages. WE would still love feedback on what you would like to see from a capping program. Email us at The more we hear from you, the better we will be!

Today we are playing our first NHL game of the season. We are looking at the total in the match up between the Florida Panthers & the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Florida is coming off of a home opener against the Lightning which they won 3-2 in a shoot out. We have a total of 5.5 in tonight's game. Playing on one days rest, the OVER is 2-0-2 for Florida. The OVER is also 3-1-2 after a game in which the opposing team scores 2 goals or less. On the road the OVER is 3-1-1. My favorite stat though is the OVER is 7-0 for the Lightning after the first game of a home and home series. Throw these stats into the mix, and I am all on Florida/Tampa Bay OVER 5.5 -110

80-64-4  +$1279.00 (BASED ON $100 A PLAY)

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